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May 29-30th WEEKEND - 2020 Please make plans to attend our apologetics event in Rogers Arkansas!!!  Right now we have TONS of FREE goodies for all who attend and as our keynote speakers so far we have physicist/cosmologist Russell Humphreys and geophysicist John Baumgardner (founder of Catastrophic Plate Tectonics and considered by US News as one of the BEST geophysicist in the world).
*More to come but for now here is where we are today (Friday night for any/all skeptics as well as the general public and Saturday for Christians really wanting to get involved in Creation Science and apologetics in general)
A quick overview I did at a university in 2019:

Please contact us for a speaking engagement or just helping your study-group or church setup with a ton of FREE materials on keeping your youth engaged and having reasons "for" the truths of Christianity in 2019.  We only exist to help equip individuals, groups or churches for knowing why Christianity is true and to glorify Him. (1 Peter 3:15)‚Äč 

*As Gary Habermas recently stated: "We have more evidence for Christianity being true than ever before but the church and its members simply don't realize this."


"Why should I care?" (Apathy) - Just watch/listen to this short video and I think you will better understand the importance therein. Second video: The Church in "Intellectual Neutral" summarizes itself. :o)

‚ÄčChristians have the truth so there is nothing to be afraid of but we also cannot bury our heads in the sand. Nearly 2/3 of teens today lose their faith when they go to college simply because they were NOT prepared when they left the house. This simple website is not meant to be a complete set of all answers to your questions but as a starting point. I did not grow up going to church but after finishing degrees in philosophy of religion and a masters in ancient history, with my published Masters thesis The Philosophy of History, I have debated these topics with a plethora of different PhDs, atheists groups, etc. and after all of this I am more convinced than ever that Christianity is true and provides objective meaning to our lives and existence. After living in New York City for some time, my wife and I returned to the mid-west and now run a coffee-shop/Art Gallery as well as a Creation History museum (along with my work with Logos Research Associates) simply in the hopes of sharing some of these truths.

*Some topics (like mechanisms for a global flood) I find competing views equally plausible, so I have included both my colleagues' work on Catastrophic plate tectonics as well as somewhat differing views by Walt Brown because my goal is to encouraging "critical thinking" as well as a pointing to the truth of what CS Lewis coined "Mere Christianity", not to be dogmatic about one specific set of details on a given topic. 

**Please email me for a FREE copy of my published works or get it for less than $1.99 at: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B072N4JGV8/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i0  OR get my simplified version for $0.99 cents (or contact me and I'll send you one for FREE):  https://www.amazon.com/Mere-Christian-Apologetics-Bible-Simple/dp/1544288662

How to utilize this site and the pages to the left:

  1. First - you will find "Faith Under Fire" videos which show quick snipits between a Christian and a non-Christian debating (only about 10 minutes each) to help you understand the challenges that will be thrown at you and your children in a growingly hostile world. *These videos will introduce you and your students/children to some of the various attacks against Christianity, God and the Bible and show why these attacks are weak and mostly without any warrant at all. 
  2. Secondly - you will find various headings on the tabs to the left such as "Does God Exist", "Philosophy and God", "Evolution and God", etc. that will give you some basic information, videos, etc. to better understand these concepts; as well as being able to articulate them to your students. (Keep in mind that these concepts at a basic level are quite easy to understand so do not worry if there are some areas that you better understand than others and know that I am always only an email away as needed for any help I may offer.)
  3. Thirdly - I have several "Debates/Dialogues" setup simply because this is the "real-world" we live in and we MUST equip our children (and ourselves) to better face a hostile world; we have the truth so what do we have to fear? (This coming from someone who has debated many various groups on the topics)
  4. Lastly - I have a few areas for those of you who are wishing for more "academic freedom" within the public sphere for your children. Though public education is becoming increasingly hostile to theism, if we equip our children appropriately as well as debate/reach-out in a loving way to our school officials we may still be able to turn the helm of public education before it finally crashes in a sea of relativism...

While no website or group can be everything to everyone, we do have over 50 experts in the field at Logos Research Associates so if I (James) can't answer let's say questions you have on some geological aspect of Noah's Flood, we have almost a dozen PhD geologists that we can reach out to, setup a conference, etc. on the truths of Noah's Flood, so keep in mind that while we all may have subtle differences we all attest to the truth of Christianity and are here to serve. 

*The secular/naturalistic side should be equally concerned about the dumbing-down effect that secularism (especially naturalism) has had on public school education and the university, as well as overall IQ levels ever since the so-called Flynn-effect has more than doubled the reversal rate from the late 1960s thru today. 

Please let me know if you have any questions at all:

More technical MA thesis (above) or abbreviated version (below): Both for a $1 on Amazon eBook or I will send you a FREE copy:



***Also - we have a Biblical History museum that is open free of charge to the public that provides a ton of real-life examples from Genesis, a global flood, cosmology, old/new testament accuracy, and more. (See Museum page to the left for more detail and I will be more than happy to open up the museum for any groups or individuals who want to use it with a group of friends, skeptics, students, etc. *Also please remember that we are in partnership with the Great Passion Play so not only do we have our Museum there, but we have a top of the line Bible Museum (with first editions of all the major bibles), an incredible Art museum (with pieces dating back to the 9th century), Holy Land tour (with life-size tabernacle, 1st century mock village, and more) as well as the Play itself and much much more!!! (We are here for you: www.NWABibleMuseum.org

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